I am a strong believer is Property Wealth Creation. I have bought 4 properties before since 2009 till today. Each property is making a profit regardless bought at the bottom or bought at the peak. Today I am sitting on a 300k paper gain EC bought 3 years ago.

Base on my 10 years of property investment experiences, I have written a series of strategies and analysis reports with backup data by Propnex, Edgeprop, etc. I am distributing the following E- Report and Property Investment Technique for FREE.

  • How to Identify Potential Property?
  • HDB Vs Condo Analysis
  • Freehold Vs 99 Leasehold Analysis
  • What is the Exit Strategy?
  • Will Property Price Continue to Rise?

If you are interested in the E-Report, do whatsapp me @ 87836768. I will send you the report via whatsapp. Do not worry, I will not call or disturb you. Your contact no. will be kept confidential and will not be any of my marketing list.

In the meantime, please just spare 3 minutes to read through what I have shared in this page. You will definitely be enlightened or learned something from what I shared.

In order to grow your wealth using property, the First Rule is you need to own at least 2 properties. Without having a second property, no matter how you buy or sell your house, you are still buying/selling at the same market price. However, there are still ways to create wealth using 1 property but it will be a much tougher way; picking the right potential unit will be very important.

Depending on situation, many families with a combined income of $8,000 have started to own their Second Property Today

Singapore Property and HDB regulation have been changing for the past many years; a lot of people are not able to succeed in property investment is because of the lack of knowledge with the ever-changing regulation. Thus, you need to get someone who can educate you correctly, and know what are the strategy you can do according to Singapore Regulation. I will share with you the following technique:

  • How to save on your ABSD?
  • How a family own an HDB unit and bought another private unit without incurring ABSD?
  • How to own a second property with 8k combined income?
  • How to upgrade from your HDB without using much cash?
  • How to earn money from your property? How to leverage on your property?
  • How to identify the potential property?
  • How to retire using your property?
  • How to unlock cash using your HDB/property?
  • How to upgrade without using much saving?
  • Plan your real estate journey strategy
  • Make your CPF work for you rather than against you

Buying a Right Property right from the start is important. Even you are getting a BTO HDB flat, there is also some technique need to do it correctly right from the start. Otherwise your Wealth Accumulation using your property will be delayed.

Nevertheless, it depends on each individual family’s financial situation in order to determine which strategies to use for wealth accumulation. There is no one strategy that fits for all.

  • A Detailed Financial Calculation to understand your financial standing
  • A Meticulous Explanation and 4 Step Calculation of related costs involved, like legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty & etc
  • A Detailed Analysis on which type property is right for you base on your financial budget.
  • An Achievable Asset Progression Plan, to help you unlock funds in the form of SPARE CASH; Or even spring board you to not 1 but 2 or more properties.
  • A far-sighted Property Journey that will allow you to retire earlier & comfortably.
  • How you can achieve huge Potential Upside from your properties and retire earlier.

Do you know that with a monthly income of $5,000, you are able to take the following loan amount?

Housing Type Max Loan Tenure
HDB (Resale) $299,626 25
EC (New) $334,042 30
Private $668,085 30

Do you know that if you have $100,000 spare cash to pledge with banks for 4 years, you can take the following additional loan amount?

Housing Type Max Loan Tenure
HDB (Resale) $124,644 25
EC (New) $138,961 30
Private $278,147 30

Do you know that if you have $100,000 spare cash to show banks without pledging, youcan take the following additional loan amount?

Housing Type Max Loan Tenure
HDB (Resale) $37,353 25
EC (New) $41,643 30
Private $83,511 30

Let me assess your situation, and I will share with you how you can Grow Your Wealth Using Your Property.
Do you know that our parent’s generation of buying HDB flat at 50k and grow to 400k today is no longer applicable in today context? A HDB price can grow so much in the past 30 years is mainly due to Singapore is still a developing country, Population grow at a very fast rate due to many foreigner migrating into Singapore or working in Singapore. However, today Singapore has become a developed country, the growth rate will be much slower than in the past, and most importantly, Government are controlling the HDB price due to too many people are complaining the sky price of HDB.

In today context, normally a BTO price will increase about 150k to 500k after its 5 years MOP period depending on location. Thereafter, the price will be stagnant and slowly depreciate as the 99 years lease balance is decreasing.

Scenario A: 80% of the Common Typical Singapore Families’ Property Journey
Married Couple get their 4-room BTO flat and stay inside till retirement.
(Assumption no CPF withdrawal limit)
Example: 4-room BTO flat cost 400k.

Purchase Price 400,000
Downpayment 10% 40,000
Loan 360,000
Monthly Instalment 1,633.21
Principal + Loan Interest after 25 years 529,963
CPF Accrued Interest 224,420
Total CPF need to refund if sell house 754,383

Assume HDB price remain at $400,000 after 25 years due to inflation offset depreciation of decreasing lease balance. If the couple decide to downgrade to 3-room HDB flat to encash their hard earn HDB money, they actually need to top up $354,383 back to their CPF in order for them to sell their house. Basically, they will be stuck and not able to sell their 4-room HDB if they don’t have $354,383 cash to top up their CPF. This is called Negative Sales Proceed. These scenarios have already happened to many old generations today. Just that their cash top up of their CPF will not be so huge as they bought their HDB price at a very low price in the past. However, the above scenario definitely will hit all the young generations now when they get old in the future.

Do you want to follow most of our parents’ typical footstep?


You want to follow the 20% parents’ property journey in scenario B as below?

If you are age 40 to 65 this year, almost fully paid your HDB; you are actually fall into the above categories. My advice is you better faster take action to unlock your HDB cash before it turns into negative sales.

With all your CPF dumped into your HDB, you lose:

That is a total of 5% opportunity cost you will lose every year.
Knowing how much CPF Accrued Interest you need to pay at end of 25 years loan tenure is very important. Below is the calculator created by me to help you calculate. Do check to ensure you won’t go into negatives sales proceed in future.

Scenario B: 20% of the Smarter Singapore Families’ Property Journey

Married Couple get their first 4-room BTO flat, sell the HDB unit after 5 years MOP to lock in 200k profit.

Depending on their financial situation:

Option 1

Upgrade to Condo using the profit. Put 99% and 1% ownership. Eg, 99% own by wife, 1% own by husband. When financial capability is better, husband transfer the 1% ownership to wife, and buy another private condo without incurring ABSD.

Cash Profit of from HDB Sales (A) 200,000
Purchase Price 1,200,000
Downpayment 25% (B) 300,000
CPF/Cash Needed (B) - (A) 100,00
Loan 900
Monthly Instalment (30yrs loan, 1.8% int) 3,237
CPF Deduction (Husband) 1,150
CPF Deduction (Wife) 1,150
Cash Instalment 937
Option 1

Immediately buy 2 properties, each own 1 property without incurring ABSD. One property for own stay, another property for investment.

Cash Profit of from HDB Sales (A) 200,000
Purchase Price 1,200,000
Downpayment 25% (B) 300,000
CPF/Cash Needed (B) - (A) 100,000
Loan 900
Monthly Instalment (1.8 int) 3,237
CPF Deduction (Husband) 1,150
Cash Instalment (C) 2,087
Purchase Price 700,000
Downpayment 25% 175,000
Loan 525,000
Monthly Instalment (1.8 int) 1,888
CPF Deduction (Wife) 1,150
Rental Monthly Income (eg $2000) 2,000
Postive Cash Flow (D) 850
Net Cash Instalment for Both (C) - (D) 1,237

Sell 1 HDB, buy 2 properties is a very old strategy used by Singaporean since many years ago. But not many people have realised about this strategy in the past. People who had used this strategy in the past had already accumulated a healthy wealth for retirement today. However, this strategy has become more common nowadays due to many young property agents joining the industry educating the public. Owning 2 properties is very important to grow your wealth. It is also one of the ways of force saving for your retirement. If you know how to manage your finance, owning 2 properties are actually very achievable.

Either you work very hard for your retirement or you use your money to work hard for you. You make the choice.

Example of paying about the same cash instalment between owning 1 property and 2 properties.

Eg. Couple: Husband earn 6k, Wife earn 4k
Scenario 1: Own 1 Property (Shared)

Purchase Price $1,050,00
75% Loan $787,500
Monthly Instalment (30 yrs, int. 1.8%) $2,832
Husband’s CPF Deduction $1,380
Wife’s CPF Deduction $1,150
Cash Top Up $302

Scenario 2: Own 2 Properties (Each own 1 property)

Husband’s Property
Purchase Price $1,050,000
75% Loan $787,500
Monthly Instalment (A) (30 yrs, int. 1.8%) $2,832
Husband’s CPF Deduction (B) $1,380
Cash Top Up (A) - (B) = (C) $1,452
Wife’s Property
Purchase Price $680,000
75% Loan $510,000
Monthly Instalment (D) (30 yrs, int. 1.8%) $1,834
Wife’s CPF Deduction (E) $1,150
Rental Income (F) $1,800
Positive Cash Flow (F)+(E)-(D) = (G) $1,116

Net Cash Instalment for both Properties = $1,452 – $1,116 = $336
Therefore, instead of Paying Cash $302 to own 1 property (Scenario 1),You can choose to pay Cash $336 to own 2
properties. (Scenario 2)