Feng Shui

Feng Shui has the ability to maximize one’s fortune and minimize misfortune. It is about natural energy and forces. It can change the Qi of our living environment. It is the study of life and the natural environment.

Base on the study, the Universe and Nature around us does affect Our Life. If the Qi is unbalance, we may meet with disaster; But if the Qi is Balance, we can achieve auspicious luck and live in harmony.

In order to enjoy good fortune, it’s an art of judgement and interpretation how we align ourselves and our home with environment.

If we receive good vibe of positive energy Qi, definitely our health, finances, career prospects and relationship will be improved. However, if we encounter bad (Sha Qi), the opposite cause of reaction or misfortunes might strike.

Feng Shui Tips

01. The living room is better to be in regular shape instead of odd shape or slanted shape.

02. Standing 3 steps backward from the window, look outside from inside your house. It is better not able to see the following:


Police Station

Fire Station


Wire Antenna

Angle of the building pointing towards your direction

03. The distance from your window to next block should be at least 500 ft away; this is to accumulate wealth better.

04. A good Feng Shui door nourishes the house. It is the mouth when the combine Qi energy of Tian Ren Di comes in.

  • Opening of door should be opening inwards, not outwards.
  • It is better that Main Door is not facing Angle of the Wall
  • It is better that Main Door is not directly facing Door of Kitchen, Toilet, Bedroom.

05. Bedroom Feng Shui

  • When sit or lay on the bed, it is better to be able to see the door.
  • It is better that bedroom door and kitchen door is not facing each other.
  • It is better that bedroom door and main door is not facing each other.

06. Sofa’s back is better to be supported by wall

07. Basin and Stove is better not too close to each other. Must have a distance away. Avoid directly opposite each other too.

To go into details of Feng Shui, you need to know the following:


5 Elements does not only mean metal, water, wood, fire and soil. The “element” in Chinese also means movement, changing, development. They are moving and changing all the time. The movements of five elements are slow and stable when they are in the kind of balance. If they are out of balance, then the movements are unstable and unpredictable. When a person is in a stable (5 elements) environment, he should live peacefully. When a person is in an unpredictable environment, he is easily out of control. A person will feel lucky when everything is under control. A person will feel bad luck when everything is out of control. If you want to be better, you have to make sure your living environment has the 5 elements being balanced.

There are affinity and enmity relationships between these 5 elements.

The Affinity relationship means supporting, helping, producing, etc.

  • Water can help tree (Wood) grow.
  • Wood can help Fire to burn.
  • Fire can help to produce dust (Earth).
  • Earth can help mineral (Metal) to form.
  • Metal can hold Water.

We can say that :-

  • Water is the supporting element of Wood.
  • Wood is the supporting element of Fire.
  • Fire is the supporting element of Earth.
  • Earth is the supporting element of Metal.
  • Metal is the supporting element of Water.

The Enmity relationship means clashing, conflicting, rejecting, etc.

  • Water can extinguish Fire, but Fire might evaporate Water.
  • Wood can break the ground (Earth), but Earth can bury Wood too.
  • Fire can melt Metal, but Metal might not melt before Fire is extinguished.
  • Earth can absorb Water, but Water can cover the land (Earth).
  • Metal can cut Wood, but Metal might become dull before breaking Wood.

We can say that :-

  • Water and Fire are enemies. Water control Fire.
  • Wood and Earth are enemies. Wood control Earth.
  • Fire and Metal are enemies. Fire control Metal.
  • Earth and Water are enemies. Earth control Water.
  • Metal and Wood are enemies. Metal control Wood.

Things that can represent the 5 elements:

  • Mineral, gold, jewellery, iron, etc represent Metal
  • Liquid, blue color, wavy shape, etc represent Water
  • Tree, brown color, etc represent Wood
  • Sun, heat, red color, etc represent Fire
  • Soil, ground, plant, etc represent Earth

Hope the above Feng Shui Tips can help you in some ways.

If you feel something is not right for your house, most of the time you are right. As everyone of us has the senses to feel when things do not turn out what we expected to be. If you have encountered such problems, and you do not know how to explain, we have professional Feng Shui Master that can help to do a Feng Shui Audit to find out the roots cause of the problem. From there, the Master will help you to solve or at least lessen the impact of your life so that your life can be further improve for the better.

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